UPCOMING SHOWS - summer 2014

31st May - Big Splash Festival, Newport, Wales
The Weirdy Beardies

12th July - SOUP Festival, Faversham, Kent
The Weirdy Beardies & The Nerdy Birdies’ Bird Cabaret

19th July - MK Festival Fringe, Milton Keynes
The Librarians

20th July - MK Festival Fringe, Milton Keynes
The Weirdy Beardies

18th - 21st August
The Librarians (Mobile Libraries Tour in Lincolnshire)

30th and 31st August - Mintfest, Kendal, Cumbria
The Nerdy Birdies’ Bird Cabaret
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Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Something unusual is happening in your local library.

Our contrarian ‘Librarians’ will be popping up at libraries throughout summer 2014.

This 20-minute performance will pop out of the shelves and surprise regular library goers, librarians and new visitors a-like. The Librarians’ roam the library, shelving, organising and sometimes flying amongst their beloved books. The books take on a life of their own and lead the audience into the library to explore what lies within the pages. Expect dance, comedy, poetry and lots of literacy fun.

This piece has been supported by Ideas Test and commissioned by Transported.

Saturday 20th July: MK Central Library - Part of MK Festival Fringe

Transported Mobile Library tour - Boston & South Holland Lincolnshire
Monday 18th August: 
Tuesday 19th August: 
Wednesday 20th August:
Thursday 21st August
Friday 22nd August:

Kent Library Tour November 2013: Faversham, Sittingbourne, Chatham, Rochester, Queenborough, Sheerness.

Lincolnshire Library Tour September 2013: Crowland, Donington, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Boston, Long Sutton, Holbeach, Kirton,
This group of fanatical dancing birdwatchers draw family audiences into an alternative world of birds with the wondrously silly yet insanely informative ‘Bird Cabaret’.
We follow the life of birds, from birth and hatching to dinner time and the afterlife, through a number of nonsensical dance numbers including; the Flamboyant Flamingo salsa, the Perky Penguin shuffle, a Scavenging Vulture battle and the delectable roast chicken striptease.
And have you ever seen a canary do the cancan? Well now you can (can) with our fantastically feathered finale which wows audiences using the colour yellow and some rather high leg kicks to boot.
We use dance, clowning and the spirit of play in this comic and high-energy street theatre show.
Check out the website for more info: www.nerdybirdies.co.uk
This project was supported by Arts Council England, Transported, PANeK, South East Dance, Kent Wildlife Trust.
The Weirdy Beardies: a playful and unusual act – combining dance, comedy and audience interaction into one hairy street theatre show. A highly skilled troupe of physical performers bring their unique brand of furry mayhem to everyday public spaces
Since their birth in 2011, the group have toured across the UK to nationally renowned festivals and events, including Winchester Hat Fair, Fuse Medway Festival, Paralympic 2012 celebrations, The Place (LCDS).
Their associate director is Matt Feerick
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Pestiferous creates work which is funny interactive, playful and gently subversive. The work brings audiences and performers together from all walks of life and in everyday spaces for truly unique experiences that are uplifting, surreal, curious and joyful.
[e] info@pestiferous.co.uk
[w] www.nerdybirdies.co.uk & www.weirdybeardies.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pestiferous_
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pestiferoustheatre

Artistic Director: Mary Eddowes
Company Performers: Nanette Archer, Corey Baker, Sarah Blanc, Isabelle Cressy, Charlotte Dubery, Chez Dufois, Mary Eddowes, Carl Harrison, Jessamin Landamore, Sioda Martin, Stephanie McMann, Simon Meader, Kim Noble, Lucy Ridley, Simon Palmer 
Associate Artists: Matt Feerick, Tom Roden, Bob Karper, Lucy Bradridge, Lucy Sharratt, Philip Bosworth, Steve Denton,